Sunday, September 22, 2019
Crooked Table Talk

Meet the Crooked Table

Here it is. The Crooked Table. Our crooked table. I love it. I mean, look at that character!!! Obviously hand built, and we’re certain by the previous owners, we can only imagine the stories this table could tell. It is weathered, it is tattered, but it remains un-torn. Not without some serious discussion, I might add. I love it. Him? Not so much. My Boys? Even less. Probably because Bryan doesn’t and it’s way more fun to agree with him and disagree with Mom. As my luck would have it, Who knew it would be the epicenter of our adventure identity!?

For the record, “Crooked Table Adventures” was a name HE suggested, and I loved it. It stuck….and the crooked table is forever. I win. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Meet the Crooked Table

  1. I really enjoyed the recipes. And your story of a little cabin in bfe. I think this is fun, great to share hunting, fishings, mushroom hunting, ect. I live vicariously through you, I don’t know how or where to start with fishing, hunting, ect. I have tried a few times without any success. I love to cook so at least I’m doing that. But game meat is to expensive 😣 so I have to wait for donations. Which no one does. Lol. And fishing haha my son caught a damn fish with a stick,some line, and a frickin hotdog. I have pole, basic tackle, and bait. Never a bite!

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