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Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey

As an aspiring outdoorswoman, it is difficult to accurately express the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I was finding myself less and less tolerant of the physical demands for the life I had craved for so long. All seasons started to affect me negatively as the weight continued to pack on. For lack of wanting to sound like a redundant weight loss commerical, let me just tell you where I was at.

Over the past few years, we have built a primarily outdoor lifestyle. Well, let me rephrase that, he adopted me into HIS outdoor lifestyle. I struggled with the climbing, the hiking, the deer dragging, and I was rapidly growing out of my gear from season to season. The more layers I needed, the more difficult it was. There were mornings where I was sweating before we even left the house just by getting all the gear on! This would only contribute to being colder much faster in the woods. It would also potentially deter the deer away.

The Realization

It didn’t take long to start being self-convinced that the efforts were becoming more work than reward. Expenses began to pile up buying new clothes year after year and to accomodate all weather conditions. I was tired and all the time, and had a serious lack of motivation settling in. For the record, U.E. was completely supportive of me, no matter what. He makes every accomodation within our budget to ensure being in the woods or on the water is as comfortable as he possibly can provide. It was me that KNEW a change needed to happen.

My 2017 Upper Peninsula Buck

In August 2018, we’re merely weeks away from opening day of Archery season. I have little to no notable draw strength. My bow was set to the same poundage it was at when I was a teenager. This means the deer have to be brought in within 30 yards of my stand, or there probably wouldn’t be a option for a clean shot. With that short of a distance, it was virtually impossible to make that happen on the public land we were hunting. The layers of clothes that are required to stay warm in a tree stand were bulky and clumsy, and are not helpful in climbing into a tree.

These variables were on my mind, all of the time. Mostly, keeping me in a state of fear that I wouldn’t be able to do it or get seriously hurt. Instead, August 15th, I received an email that, at the time, had no idea would change my life. Forever.

Personal Trainer Food before picture
The summer before I started my journey with Personal Trainer Food

The Chance of a Lifetime

“You’ve Been Selected for the Personal Trainer Food Fall Tryabox”. Immediate heart racer. These types of “you’ve been selected” emails are always exciting from my friends at Tryazon. This particular one, however, it was about to be the life-changing opportunity needed for my health. I had applied for this opportunity about a month prior. Personal Trainer Food (PTF) is a 28 day meal program that delivers delicious pre-cooked meals completely balanced for guaranteed weight loss. A complete dream come true to be selected to try this program, for 28 days!!!!!! All I had to do was follow the directions and pick a friend to have the same experience! It was like we won the lottery! So, accountability partner chosen, we fill out our paperwork, and Tuesday, September 4th we’re off on our weightloss journey.

The food is absolutely delicious, and the dill-icious chicken , western omelete, and Santa Fe veggie burgers were my favorite. What was best about the guidelines is they are the preferred way of eating for U.E. (except the part that leaves out the potatoes). Cooking dinners together was still exceptionally easy for us. Check out some of his recipes here. With only a few changes to my plate, he was able to cook MORE of what he loves, like bacon, and even more red meat. Having 110% of the support needed for me to succeed, never feeling deprived of anything (PTF covers ALL the bases), it wasn’t long that results were becoming obvious. Consequently, I never felt deprived of flavorful foods!

The weeks I didn’t loose many pounds, I lost many inches. As the days went on, it got easier and easier. Eating their food, exercising only 20 mins a day, even if it’s just a walk, and following their guidelines, I lost 18 lbs in 28 days. Knowing I had more weight loss to go, I was able to go for a second 28 day round of PTF and continued to lose an additional 10 lbs, and seriouly lost track of the inches lost overall. AMAZING program. Down from a size 16 to a size 8. Being quite honest here, there is little memory of me being at this size, not even during the years I would run everyday and restrict my calories.

Personal Trainer Food
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Weight Loss with Personal Trainer Food
I lost dinner

While I no longer receive the meal deliveries, I do, however, continue to follow the guidelines and because they are so easy; I have lost an additonal 6 lbs. and maintained that weight loss since December. Yes! Even through the holidays.

Christmas 2018

Weight Loss Goal Crushed!

So, when it comes to all of the outdoor activities we enjoy, what does all this mean? It meant, that all my gear was actually TOO BIG. Tears flowed when I put on a pair of insulated bibs that didn’t fit last year and put both arms down each side of my hips with room to spare. I was also able to zip up my dad’s old hunting jacket. There was no longer a struggle getting into my stand or my blind. At last, I could make the hikes, and you guessed it, I could even successfully drag a deer. Additionally, as a result, my energy was through the roof.

This program was more than just a blessing. As a result, it has taught me about portion control, balancing healthy foods, and changing for a lifestyle rather than just another gimmick diet. It took a total of 60 days for a lifetime of unmeasured blessings. No required gym membership, strict exercise programs, or counting endless variations of numbers that are difficult to keep track of. I ate the food, we cooked according to the guidelines, kept a mild walking regimen, and voila….a complete transformation.

Is It Your Turn?

If you are looking for a weight loss program that is easy to follow, has tons of personal support, and the right balance of the right foods that makes changing your routine so easy, I HIGHLY recommend Personal Trainer Food. It changed my life.

Personal Trainer Food

Please know that if you choose to become a Personal Trainer Food customer We would LOVE to work with you and support you on your journey! Please contact me if you have any questions at all! Additionally, if you click on any of the links contained in this post for your sign up, I do receive a small commission. We look forward to hearing from you!

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