Sunday, September 22, 2019
Crooked Table Talk

Defining a Stud

When you hear the word stud, what is the first thing you think of?  Is it the boards in your walls? Or, for the women reading this, is it your man standing next to you, your son, or a favorite celebrity?  Maybe, it’s something entirely different.  The possibilities for it as an adjective are endless.

About a year ago, we were diving heavy into the well overdue spring cleaning, I heard a beeping noise from across the room.  “What’s that?” I asked out loud.  My honey, sitting on the floor sorting through a bin of tools replies, “The stud finder.  It just keeps going off when I touch it”.  Here commences my eye roll and a major chuckle!!!  “Be careful with that thing, or the batteries will die” I said.  We both giggle and keep on with our tasks.

I know I know, Insert groan here.  We have all been subject to that joke before.  However, it’s one of the few I, personally, never get tired of hearing.

This time, it just made me think.  What is a stud?  I’ve had everyone from my dad, my sons, and now my honey deliver this joke in my presence.  Each one of them are a “stud” in my eyes, so I giggle and keep doin’ what I’m doin’.  This time was a bit different.  I started thinking about what an ACTUAL stud is.  I was filled with all the times I’ve heard it in jest, or in definition, babies called studs, and animals called studs, wheel studs, and wall studs.  So I googled it.  Only one definition of the top 3 were what came to mind on my initial inquiry.  The rest use it as a definition of a decoration, a horse for breeding, etc.

My first thought of a stud as a ‘thing’, it’s the board that holds your home together.  Firmly secured to the foundation, they shape your home, provide the skeleton and arms of protection against the elements, and provide a firm and solid place for a nail to hang a picture on your wall. This is what makes any house a home.  The forgotten puzzle piece in our everyday lives. In every form of dwelling, studs are required for solidarity.  AMEN! (Ultimately what the aforementioned tool is used to find!)

My second thought is a good lookin’ man, the typical and most often implied definition. Among the multiple Merriam-Webster definitions it’s a: a young man: guy; especially: one who is virile and promiscuous b: a tough person c: hunk.  Definitely, not exactly what I was thinking, but apparently, that’s the average answer!

I prefer to look at the finding on our stud finder, “my studs”, entirely different. My love, the piece of our crazy puzzle that holds it all together.  He protects me, our families, and his friends.  He lets me lean on him, and gives a solid hold on our foundation and the foundation of his family.  He is shelter in life’s storms and let’s face it, I think he’s pretty hot too.

The same definition can be applied about our dads as our parents.  Both of our fathers are the pillars and foundations of our families.  My sons, who I have watched grow into respectable, hard-working, good young men. I’ll spare the mommy-gushing in this story.  Truthfully, and most biased, I think they are all good looking men.   So when the stud finder goes off in their presence or when actually used as intended; I am reminded that God as my foundation has surrounded me and allowed me to build a life framed with solidarity and held together by good ‘studs’.  Proverbs 24:3 says; by wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established.

Here’s to good studs….

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